Our core services

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Working with small and medium sized businesses on people, process, and services.

Business Branding


Working on total look and feel, logos, theme, trademarking, and consistency across all business avenues.

IT Infusion

IT Infusion

Mixing the right technology for your company, your people, your industry, and your specific goals.

Application Development

Application Development

End-to-end solutions involving cloud, mobile, web, and other technologies.

ZOA Life

Combining mobile application development, web development, brand management, and business planning, DMD helped launch the next major breakthrough in Greek Life Social interaction!

ZOA Life will change the way sororities and fraternities interact with their members and pledges, plan events, track school activities and work with their respective charities. Check it out at

Retrofit and Recycling

DMD's specialty is working with small and medium sized businesses who want to break from their current plateau or downward trend.

Working with a small business poised to grow in an up & coming industry, DMD is paired with a local MD lighting retrofit company to rebrand their image and automate their processes and jobs with the right mix of technology to double their business within a year.


Currently DMD is partnered with local entrepreneurs on a revolution in the fitness industry, combining social and mobile application concepts to move the fitness industry into the Future!

This will totally change the way tracking and personal interaction happens in fitness centers, personal trainers, and those they are training. We are currently test marketing this local to Maryland, and soon the world!

OSPT Group

OSPT Group is an orthopedic and sports physical therapy office located in southern maryland. Their website was outdated, the current group maintaining the site was hard to work with, and they really wanted to take control of owning their web content. Enter DMD Consulting services. We worked with them to understand their real need, implement a content management system, and trained them onsite to use and take charge of their website and content. Now they are increasing their business and can update their website and their business at will.


Our awesome solutions

What Our Happy Customers Say

  • DMD staff helped us from our initial idea, massaging it to get to where we are today with ZOA Life, and is still working with us to market to college Greeks! Their knowledge of the whole mobile application process on both Apple and Android as well as their business ideas have helped us immensely!

    - Shannon

  • The people at DMD have great hard-working people as well as relationships with other sharp businesses which enabled us to turn our company around and set us up for a record year in 2015!

    - Harry

  • We REALLY needed an updated website, but we also wanted to have the ability to update the images and content ourselves. DMD talked with us initially to see what we wanted, met with us a few more times in person and kept in contact the whole time our new online presence was being updated. The end result we are extremely happy with as are the customers we have here that can not get all the information they need and want quickly and easily!

    - Beth

  • All I had was an idea. A great idea I thought, but just an idea. I sat down with DMD and explained the idea, and they filled in all the gaps. From the initial business model, to how the application and website and mobile applications would communicate. They explained how to get a product to market fast, how to make it profitable, how to build upon it to never go out of style, and all the while I learned a lot and had fun doing it!

    - Nick

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